Who We Are

Empowering Nations

We are a team of people who are willing to share our experiences, skills and resources with disadvantaged individuals and communities with the hope to holistically restore their lives economically, physically and spiritually.


We are currently partnering with vulnerable women to help restore their lives through training, support and love.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our partners and clients by providing opportunities and multiplying their talents to enable them to fulfil their destiny. This looks different for different groups or projects.

Empowering Nations has a holistic model in that we aim to provide resources and opportunities that target all facets of the life that is; body, mind, and spirit.

Empowering Nations works in partnership with local Churches, Community Groups, Individuals, Businesses and Non-Profits both in Africa and in the USA.

How We Do It

Empowering Nations

We give micro-loans to those who want to start a business or those who want to develop their business. We teach vocational skills, leadership principles, business strategies and provide emergency help like food and medical care where needed. We identify gaps and use training, resources and other tools to bridge them and enable people to be more productive.

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